hemp testing SERVICES


Testing for potency in hemp samples tells growers and extractors what compounds are present and in relative quantities.

  • Testing for amount of THC
  • ​Screening for 17 cannabidiols 
  • ​HPLC/UV


Terpenes are organic compounds in botanicals that determine its aroma, flavors and effects. Analysis of terpenes tells extractors what can be expected from their samples

  • Testing for 43 different terpenes
  • ​GC/MS


Pesticides are commonly used in the growing process and the government has standards for human consumption. This analysis assures growers and extractors that pesticides are at safe levels. 

  • Testing for over 70 different pesticides
  • LC/MS/MS


The CBD extraction process involves the use of chemical solvents. This analysis answers the question of how much residual solvent is in the oil sample.

  • Testing for 22 of the most common solvents
  • GC/FID


It's common for plants grown in greenhouses to have bacteria, fungi or yeast. This test checks levels of these harmful organisms.

  • ​Testing for Total Yeasts, Molds and several common microbial and mycotoxins
  • ELIZA and LC/MS/MS 


​Hemp absorbs heavy metals that can be at an unsafe level. 

  • Testing for heavy metals 
  • ​ICP/MS